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Our Mission - The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee
U.S. Veterans
Hospice Committee

Standing Up for Our Homeless and Dying Heroes

The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee is committed to standing up for the nearly 45,000 veterans who have no home and who are suffering from a terminal illness.  The Committee's mission is to lobby Congress to do right by our heroes and fund the establishment of a national network of hospices dedicated to caring for our homeless and ailing heroes.

Homeless and dying veterans face very special challenges.  Some veterans have no family or friends to help them when they get ill.  Others are afflicted by a terrible disease like Alzheimer’s and are doomed to wander the streets lost and alone.  Still others can’t afford the medicine or treatment they need and are forced to sell their homes to pay for medical care.

Just imagine how awful it must be for a homeless veteran.  You are cold, probably depressed and sick.  The local VA hospital is a help. You can get your medicine there.  But it doesn’t have a place for you to stay.  So you must live -- and ultimately die -- on the streets.

America's homeless and dying heroes need their own dedicated hospice facilities designed specifically to care for veterans who have no other place to go.